Neo Bento-Feel Good Cuisine

Neo Bento

Last week I was strolling through the 3rd and came across Neo Bento, a Japanese French fusion restaurant. Yesterday I finally had the chance to go and enjoy the food while sitting outside soaking in the sun and boy was it good. Neo Bento’s philosophy is to provide a well-balanced meal (sounds boring) by using the Japanese bento concept; the bento is divided by 3 portions of creative salads, 1 protein, 1 side dish and dessert. Instead of serving water, the menu also offers unlimited amounts of fresh cold tea. The menu varies often, each dish made from fresh bio products purchased that same day, and is always a twist on traditional French or Japanese cuisine.






I tried the Salade de Fèves, Salade de Courgette, and the potato mustard salad (and tried my friends  Choux Champignon when she got up to get a drink). All of the salads were mouth-wateringly good (exotic flavors were exploding in my mouth).



For my protein I chose the mini Japanese meatballs. I was told these are a fan favorite, and can be seen on the menu several times a week. I choose the quinoa risotto (talk about oxymoron) to accompany my caramelized meatballs. Risotto is usually all things fat and perfect into one amazing dish, but here they choose to use one of the healthiest grains and create a delicious outcome. The tuna was also so so good, and I usually hate tuna.




I ended my meal with one of the best apple crumbles I have ever had. Instead of the usual small pieces of crumble thrown on top of apples, Neo Bento prepares large crunchy pieces with freshly picked apples. This was the perfect end to a delicious meal.



The whimsical yet simplistic décor combined with the balanced bento platter (only 12 euros) is what makes Neo Bento my new favorite place.

5 rue des filles du calvaire – 75003 Paris

Tél :

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3 Responses to “Neo Bento-Feel Good Cuisine”

  1. Sofia Chavira

    Yum this sounds so new and fun I want to check it out

  2. Alex

    I just ate there yesterday, but looking at your pictures makes me soo hungry that I feel like going back right now !


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